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judyritaAn advocate of holistic dentistry, Dr. Greenfield uses procedures, materials, and technology to provide conservative, biocompatible dental care to our patients. Whether you want to replace an old amalgam filling with a mercury-free tooth-colored filling, or you need metal-free crowns, Dr. Greenfield will customize a treatment plan to ensure that we meet your holistic dental needs, and exceed your expectations.

Holistic Dentistry: The practice of using biocompatible, metal/mercury-free materials and conservative processes that are in the best interest of a patient’s health.

For the safe removal of metal amalgam/mercury restorations, Dr. Greenfield closely follows the Dr. Bob Marshall protocol. Dr. Greenfield also works closely with other holistic practitioners he can refer you to upon request, for assistance with your optimal general health.


Q: What is holistic dentistry, and is it something that I should care about?

A: As a holistic dentist, Dr. Greenfield is committed to providing metal-free, mercury-free, conservative dental care to all of our patients. Because some people are allergic to mercury, and because of the potential health hazards for children, the elderly, and pregnant women, we do not place metal fillings. According to Dr. Greenfield’s philosophy, we use only biocompatible materials – dental materials that are readily accepted by the body. Modern dentistry provides us with reliable materials and protocols for holistic care, so Dr. Greenfield sees no reason not to use them!

Q: Why don’t you place amalgam fillings?

A: Although the ADA has deemed the use of metal fillings as acceptable in most cases, Dr. Greenfield feels composite fillings provide our patients with more consistent results, lasting beauty, and healthier smiles. Since there are questions regarding the safety of amalgam, we choose not to use it.

Q: Should I replace my old metal amalgam fillings?

A: During your bi-annual checkups, we will examine your teeth to make sure your previous restorations are still in good condition. If damage has occurred, Dr. Greenfield will suggest updating the repairs with metal-free restorations. Some patients choose to replace metal fillings for cosmetic reasons. When removing dental amalgam, Dr. Greenfield follows a special protocol to ensure the safety of our patients and our team.

Q: Can you really place a crown in one visit?

A: Thanks to CEREC technology, Dr. Greenfield can design and fabricate a crown, inlay, or onlay in about an hour, right in our own office. This on-site fabrication allows for immediate placement of the restoration. So, yes, we can design, create, and place a permanent, tooth-colored restoration in one visit!

Q: How are metal fillings removed?

A: Patient safety is paramount at Lake Orion Family Dentistry. When Dr. Greenfield removes metal/amalgam/mercury fillings, he exercises great care, using a rubber dam to isolate the material, and chunking the metal so that patients are exposed to the least amount of toxicity.

Enjoy Better, More Holistic Dental Care

Holistic dentistry takes your entire wellbeing into account so Dr. Greenfield can provide better, more personalized treatment. To schedule your visit, call Lake Orion Family Dentistry today at 248-693-6213. Located in Lake Orion, MI, we also proudly serve the residents of Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills, Clarkston, Oxford, all surrounding communities.

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