Understanding TMJ Disorder (TMD)

Real patient of Lake Orion Family Dentistry

Real patient of Lake Orion Family Dentistry

Do you experience ringing in your ears, headaches, neck and jaw pain, or clicking and popping in your jaw? If so, you may have TMJ dysfunction. The temporomandibular (TMJ) joints are located near your ears and are the joints that give your jaw full range of motion. When these joints don’t work properly, the muscles and nerves that help control jaw movements become overstimulated while trying to compensate, leading to the painful symptoms of TMJ dysfunction.

Clenching and Grinding

Many people who have TMJ dysfunction also have bruxism, the condition of clenching and grinding their teeth. Bruxism may occur during the day, but most often happens at night, during sleep. Over time, clenching and grinding will wear down back teeth altering your bite, or occlusion, causing further stress to your temporomandibular joints.

TMJ Treatment Options

If you suspect that you suffer from TMJ dysfunction, Dr. Greenfield can perform a complete evaluation during your checkup. Non-surgical, non-invasive oral splint therapy often relieves discomfort by re-establishing proper jaw-joint position. Restoring the proper bite by placing crowns on worn-down back teeth may be the best treatment option. Depending on your case, Dr. Greenfield may recommend strengthening exercises, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication, habit changes (no gum chewing, for instance), and/or a bite guard.

Schedule a TMJ Consultation

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