Looking for things to do with the kids this winter? Take a closer look at the Orion Township Public Library!

With the holidays behind us and still 3 more months of winter ahead I am sure you are scrambling to come up with things to do with the kids and teenagers alike. Did you know that the Orion Township Public Library has a jam packed schedule of free events for kids, teens and adults?

Kids can attend story time, watch movies and hear children’s authors read their new works. Teen have a full range of activities such as computer classes, cake decorating and video game sessions.  Adult book clubs, parenting classes and tax help is also available. There is even an outdoor Snow man, Castle, Fort Making Contest that the entire family can take part in on January 29th!

A 2011 Revolutionary Resolution You Just Might Keep!

Lose weight. Eat healthier. Manage your money better. Spend more time with family, on education, reading… Spend less time in front of the television, computer, smart phone. Whatever your New Year’s resolution, I’m sure you have the best of intentions to make it happen. Truth is, only 30% of women will keep their resolution past 30 days, and most guys won’t last two days. But what if you make a resolution for self improvement, and you don’t have to work at it diligently to make it happen?

Let’s think for a moment about your mouth. (more…)

What’s Eating Your Teeth?

Acid erosion sounds pretty doggone bad, but most people don’t even know what it is. As a dentist, it’s my job to tell you!

First of all, acid erosion occurs when acidic substances come in contact with tooth enamel. The acid causes tooth enamel to soften and release valuable minerals. Over time, saliva neutralizes acids, re-mineralizes tooth structure, and, thus, re-hardens tooth enamel. Problem is, if acid comes in contact with teeth again, before saliva’s restoration powers have worked their magic, the tooth cannot recover. Enamel wears down (we call this tooth structure loss or TSL), and the sensitive underlying layer of dentin can become exposed. Repeated acid attacks can result in thinner tooth enamel, possible change in tooth appearance, small cracks on edges of teeth, and mild to extreme tooth sensitivity. TSL can also increase the risk for cavities.

A food or beverage’s acidity is measured by its pH level, which can range from 1 (acidic) to 14 (alkaline or basic). Tooth enamel begins to dissolve when in contact with substances that have a 5.5 or lower pH. Dentin erodes at a pH of 6.5 or lower. (more…)

Half of Americans Don’t Visit the Dentist

That’s right, 50% of our fellow countrymen (and women) don’t visit the dentist. Why? Well, for some, finances and availability of care are issues. However, many people don’t go to the dentist because of a genuine fear, or even phobia.

If you’ve neglected dental visits because they make you uncomfortable, stressed, anxious, or paralyzed with fear, I want to personally invite you to email or call me, Dr. Brad Greenfield, so that we can talk about sedation dentistry. With sedation, I’ve helped many people overcome their phobia and get the dental care they need, want, and deserve.

After you and I talk about your feelings and concerns, I can help you determine which type of sedation is best for your situation. I can administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation (Halcyon or Valium), or oral sedation plus nitrous oxide. My nurse anesthetist, Karla Fountain, can administer IV sedation in my office.

I want to answer all of your questions and help you find the right sedation solution to give you peace at dental visits. Call my office, Lake Orion Family Dentistry, today at 248-693-6213 or email me at [email protected]. We can email or talk on the phone prior to your consultation. I’m happy to communicate in any way that you prefer. I just want you to experience the positive, life-changing effects of sedation dentistry.

Are Dental Fluoride Supplements Safe for My Family?

I’m Dr. Brad Greenfield, a holistic dentist in Lake Orion. I want to share with you my thoughts on fluoride and how it relates to dentistry and health. Recently, there’s been more hype about the dangers of fluoride than we’ve heard since the 1960s. So here are the facts.

  • Tooth decay is the most widespread disease in children and a significant problem for adults
  • Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that attracts other minerals to strengthen teeth against decay
  • The US movement to fluoridate public water supply in 1962 was followed by a significant reduction in cavities in the general public
  • The US spends just under $1 per person, annually, to fluoridate public water
  • Studies show that fluoride decreases cavities by 18-50%
  • Not all geographic areas need fluoridation in the public water supply; remember, the mineral is naturally occurring
  • The amount of fluoride in public water is closely monitored by the government
  • In the 1970s, the introduction of fluoride in toothpaste was followed by a significant reduction in cavities in the general population
  • Most bottled water contains little or no fluoride (more…)

Congratulations, Lake Orion Dragons!

This past Saturday, the Lake Orion High School Football team took the field at Ford Field in Detroit to take on Plymouth High School. After years of hard work and dedication from the team, coach Chris Bell, and the coaching staff, the Dragons finally had their moment to shine.

For the first time in history, the Lake Orion Football team is the Division 1 State Champion!  The Dragons had a 21-13 victory over Plymouth, ending the season with a record of 13-1.

The community of Lake Orion is very proud! I am Dr. Brad Greenfield of Lake Orion Family Dentistry, and I am honored to be the dentist of several of Lake Orion’s football stars. Congratulations to my patients Mark Ljuljjuraj, Corbin Rainey, Bryan Albers, Blake McGhee, Alex Haddad and Evan Rogan!

Great job Lake Orion football players, coach Bell, and coaching staff! You made Lake Orion proud!