Chipped Tooth: Give Yourself What You Need

When you experience a chipped tooth, it can evoke tears, upset, panic, and even some feelings of hopelessness! We understand. It can certainly feel shocking. However, once you pull yourself together, our Lake Orion, MI team asserts that it is very important for you to follow through giving yourself what you need and we mean this in every way! From your emotional needs to your actual dental care needs, we’re here to help. You will quickly see that a chip is nothing to feel frantic about. Instead, you can go from chip to fixed tooth with ease!


3 Serious Goals For Your Smile Care With Us

Your smile care is a multifaceted thing! You have to care for smile at home, which means you have some serious responsibility in terms of maintaining your healthy grin. Then, you also need to come in to see our Lake Orion, MI team. This is where some of that responsibility shifts over to our practices! You may wonder about the goals that we have for protecting your smile through dental care. Today, we illuminate some of the main priorities, so you gain a better sense of what you can expect from our practice!


TMJ Disorder: Habits To Stop Today

When you learn from our Lake Orion, MI team that a functional problem called TMJ disorder is the reason you’re experiencing pain, strange noises when you eat, and more, a light bulb may go off over your head! Suddenly, you make the connection between your TMJs (or jaw joints), what they do, and how your symptoms match up with the oral health issue affecting you. However, though you have connected the dots, you may not have gotten to the point quite yet that you realize how your habits can negatively influence your TMJ health, making it worse. As you become more familiar with TMD, we are happy to help you stop bad habits, so you give jaw joints a rest!


2019 Chinese New Year Specialty Luncheon (50+)

The Chinese New Year is nearly here! If you are sad that the celebrations have been winding down after we just celebrated 2019 on the first of January, said goodbye to Christmas, and more, don’t put your party duds away just yet: The Chinese New Year Specialty Luncheon is on the horizon and offers our Lake Orion, MI community a fun outing! The Year of the Pig is about to arrive, so don’t miss out on the food and the festivities!


Tooth Loss: How You’ll Know If A Bridge Is In The Cards!

If you’ve been doing any type of studying up on prosthetic dentistry because of your tooth loss, then you may realize there is certainly more than one option for your smile. While it’s nice to have choices, of course, it can also make things feel more overwhelming. How do you choose? How does one distinguish between multiple possible solutions when there are many that will work? When it comes to dental bridges, one helpful deciding factor is that they aren’t for everyone. Are they in the cards for you, you may wonder? Allow our Lake Orion, MI team to help you quickly find out!


3 Types Of Smiles We Love Treating

You may feel uncertain about the type of smile you should have if you’re planning on accessing smile care from our Lake Orion, MI team. Maybe you should only call us if you have a very unhealthy smile, you think to yourself. Or, maybe you’re only supposed to see us when your smile is in very good shape. The truth is: There is no particular “type” of smile we want to see or that we are set up to treat. Instead, we offer dental care to every smile! Not sure you really believe us? Still wish you had some particulars that could directly answer your feelings of uneasiness? We can help.


Treat Your Dental Emergency Faster with a Same-Day Crown

While dental emergencies can mean different things to different people at different times, they often involve some level of traumatic injury to your tooth. In all emergency situations, time is of the essence. That’s why we offer same-day dental crowns at our Lake Orion, MI, dental office – to restore compromised teeth as fast as possible. If you experience a dental emergency and your tooth is fractured or broken, then a same-day dental crown may be your best option for restoring it. (more…)