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TMJ Disorder: Habits To Stop Today

When you learn from our Lake Orion, MI team that a functional problem called TMJ disorder is the reason you’re experiencing pain, strange noises when you eat, and more, a light bulb may go off over your head! Suddenly, you make the connection between your TMJs (or jaw joints), what they do, and how your… Read more »

See Us Soon For: Headaches, Jaw Aches, Shoulder Aches, Toothaches

Did you know that if you’re experiencing pain in your upper back, your shoulders, your neck, your jaw, your head, and/or your teeth, this may be a problem related to your oral health? Patients often think of everything else but fail to realize something as simple as a problem with the way your teeth are… Read more »

Oral Health: Types Of Symptoms (Or A Lack Of Them)

First, let’s begin by talking about symptoms as we remind you that they don’t always make a spectacle of themselves. For this reason, our Lake Orion, MI team simply likes to take a moment to emphasize the fact that whether you have lots of symptoms are or are completely symptomless, coming in for dental checkups… Read more »

Helping Patients Who Struggle With TMJ Problems

What kind of effects can TMJ dysfunction have on your life? You might not realize it, but a problem with frequent headaches, or a persistent pain in your neck and shoulders, could be connected to the condition of your jaw joints. When a person suffers TMJ dysfunction, they can also struggle with pain or limited… Read more »

Tension And Headaches: How We Can Help

Do you consider yourself the type of person who internalizes your stress in any way? Do you tend to get tension headaches? Have you ever found yourself tensing up your jaw muscles and clenching your teeth, only to be left with a lot of soreness? If so, this is certainly something to mention when you… Read more »

Your Occlusal Guard Holiday Guide!

Do you wear an occlusal guard for your oral health needs? Do you notice that when your day-to-day life is consistent and you’re in the usual swing of things, you have no problem keeping up with wearing and caring for your guard? However, when the schedule is shaken up a bit (such as from holidays),… Read more »

Quiz: Need An Occlusal Guard?

What’s the skinny on your smile these days? Does it feel perfectly wonderful? Or, have you been noticing that something isn’t the way it used to be but you cannot quite put your finger on it? If part of your problem includes discomfort in or around your face, jaw discomfort, new noises coming from your… Read more »