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Brightening Up: What Does Your Smile Need?

You might figure you know just what your smile needs in terms of enjoying a brighter grin. However, though you may have done a bit of research, poked around online, and spoken with friends and loved ones, one thing is often true: You have some good ideas but you miss out on the details as… Read more »

4 Things A Whiter Smile Will Do For You

Are you considering seeing our Lake Orion, MI team to talk about cosmetic care and how it can help you get the whiter smile you have been letting yourself dream of for some time now? Would some very clear benefits to making this decision help you follow through, schedule a consultation, and come in to… Read more »

When You Need Whitening (And You Need It Now)!

Sometimes, patients come in with a general question about whitening because it’s something they’ve sort of been thinking about for a while. However, there are also those moments in patients’ lives during which they really want teeth whitening, they’d really love it now, and all because there’s something just on the horizon that has put… Read more »

Smile Care: What Can You Accomplish In One Day?

Of course, there are some things you know you can accomplish with us in one day, such as cleanings and fillings. However, when it comes to the treatments you imagine must take quite a while to complete, you may not recognize we can often provide you with same-day care, making the procedure extremely convenient. Get… Read more »

Things To Remember About Smile Whitening

It’s easy to get your facts a bit mixed up when it comes to teeth whitening, particularly if you’ve been seeking your information elsewhere (as in, not from our practice). Friends may tell you one thing, the internet may have something else to say, etc. So, take a moment before you head out into the… Read more »

Your Smile: Let Your Hesitation For Valentine’s Plans Help

Are you someone who loves Valentine’s Day and the romantic celebrations and festivities that come with it? However, is there something about your smile that’s causing you some serious hesitation this year when it comes to making plans and following through on them? Rather than letting such issues ruin your fun, allow them to provide… Read more »

Zoom Whitening: Addressing Misinformation

As with any treatment, it’s very easy to end up with a mind full of misinformation, rather than spot-on factual data. If you have not yet come to us to ask your questions but have instead relied on outside sources like friends, your great aunt, the internet, or otherwise, well … we encourage you to… Read more »