Category: Restorative Dentistry

Tooth Loss: How You’ll Know If A Bridge Is In The Cards!

If you’ve been doing any type of studying up on prosthetic dentistry because of your tooth loss, then you may realize there is certainly more than one option for your smile. While it’s nice to have choices, of course, it can also make things feel more overwhelming. How do you choose? How does one distinguish… Read more »

3 Types Of Smiles We Love Treating

You may feel uncertain about the type of smile you should have if you’re planning on accessing smile care from our Lake Orion, MI team. Maybe you should only call us if you have a very unhealthy smile, you think to yourself. Or, maybe you’re only supposed to see us when your smile is in… Read more »

Our Dental Fillings: 3 Fantastic Facts

In many instances, the very moment that we tell a patient a dental filling is required is the same moment in which we see our patient’s face completely change (often from a smile to a frown). Like many of our patients, you may have a lot of ideas based on old facts that apply to… Read more »

3 Steps Toward Making Your Smile Look So Much Better

If you stand in front of a reflective surface and smile and you instantly cringe because you are simply not happy with your smile these days, then your mind may immediately begin racing. It’s probably time to come in to see our Lake Orion, MI dental team, you realize, because something needs to be done…. Read more »

Dental Care: Won’t My Tooth Feel And Look Funny?

There are common areas of concern that crop up from patients when it comes to dental care. One area that shows up a lot is whether something is going to hurt or feel A-OK. Another very common area of worry: What’s your smile going to look like afterwards? After a filling, after cosmetic care, etc.?… Read more »

3 Things That You Must Remember About Pain!

One of the last things you want is to recognize that you are experiencing dental pain. When it happens, you immediately think something is probably wrong. However, you may hope that it’s just a fluke and that the sensation will go away. Actually, you may come up with lots of ways to rationalize what’s going… Read more »

Times When Same Day Crowns Are The Best!

Yes, of course, everyone loves convenience, whether you’ve got a need to rush or not. However, there are those moments during which you’re incredibly pressed for time that you feel even more grateful that you can achieve the placement of a same day crown within just one visit. Let’s remind you of such instances, so… Read more »