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3 Serious Goals For Your Smile Care With Us

Your smile care is a multifaceted thing! You have to care for smile at home, which means you have some serious responsibility in terms of maintaining your healthy grin. Then, you also need to come in to see our Lake Orion, MI team. This is where some of that responsibility shifts over to our practices!… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Teeth Grinding!

How much do you know about teeth grinding? Is it something that you know that you’re doing sometimes because it’s just what you do when you feel nervous, tense, or when you’re really giving something your undivided attention? Is it something that you recently found out that you’ve been doing, even though you have absolutely… Read more »

A Few Reasons To Make Your Oral Health A Priority

You may not feel too excited about making your oral health one of your top priorities. After all, there are so many other fun things to do and to focus on! Why, then, do you need to get so serious about brushing, flossing, and dental care? At first glance, we know you may not see… Read more »

It Hurts When I Brush And Floss!  

If your main characterization of the way your brushing and flossing routine goes is, “It hurts!” then we have a bit of a problem. If you didn’t already know, your dental hygiene should feel completely comfortable. You might not say you love the sensation but you shouldn’t be able to come up with any negative… Read more »

Winter Holidays 2018: What Do You Need To Schedule Today?

We know, we know: We just got through back to school time, we’re about to wave goodbye to summer, and we’re only just beginning to truly approach the appropriate time to begin seeing Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations in the stores (though they’ve been there for a month already!). So, why would our Lake Orion, MI… Read more »

3 Ways To Improve Your Confidence (Hint: It Involves Your Smile)

If you feel like your confidence isn’t quite up to the level it should be, you may want to ask yourself if perhaps your smile has anything to do with it. If the answer is yes, then it’s most certainly time to spend a dental visit with our Lake Orion, MI team. Not sure how… Read more »

Sleeping: What Do You Need Help With?

Are you experiencing some problems with your sleep that, though you never really considered it before, might be something our Lake Orion, MI team can help you with? Whether you’re dealing with snoring or you’re noticing other strange sleep complications, it’s worth running your concerns by us! For instance, don’t forget that the alignment of… Read more »