Category: Patient Education

Dental Tips For The Task Oriented Patient

Are you someone who likes to maintain structure in your life because it makes everything more streamlined? Do you feel that this applies to your dental care, too? If you’re more task-oriented and you enjoy being able to check off accomplishments, review what you’ve done, and ensure you’re on track, then our Lake Orion, MI… Read more »

What Does It Mean When Hot Hurts?

If you’ve ever bitten into an ice cream cone, ended up with brain freeze, and you felt your teeth zinging, you knew it was because of the cold. In some cases, sensitive teeth won’t like exposure to even a little bit of cold. This may seem like common knowledge to you and, should you deal… Read more »

Dental Initials That Can Benefit Your Smile

Initials seem to be popular these days.  From LOL to ILY, they are ways to write thing shorter and faster, if not always more clearly. If you have seen some dental initials floating around, you may wonder just what they mean. If you have questions during checkups and cleanings, our Lake Orion, MI dental team… Read more »

3 Surprising Toothpaste Myths

Toothpaste isn’t all the mysterious, is it? You squeeze it out, you brush your teeth, done! Your Lake Orion, MI family dentist knows it’s a little more complicated than that. For example, be sure you are using a toothpaste that has earned the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. That means it’s been tested and… Read more »

Our Dental Practice: Efficiency And Convenience

If you are new to our Lake Orion, MI practice, then we are pleased to introduce you to the fact that in addition to comprehensive dental care, we strive to offer care that actually works for your daily life. Some of you are very busy. Many of you are doing your best to create improved… Read more »

Easy Steps To Live By: A Hygiene Guide

When you’re putting in the daily minutes that your smile requires in terms of dental hygiene, you want to know that you’re doing things correctly! It may start to feel like every second is precious because this part of your care only take about five to six minutes of your day. Sticking to some sort… Read more »

3 Serious Goals For Your Smile Care With Us

Your smile care is a multifaceted thing! You have to care for smile at home, which means you have some serious responsibility in terms of maintaining your healthy grin. Then, you also need to come in to see our Lake Orion, MI team. This is where some of that responsibility shifts over to our practices!… Read more »