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Our Dental Practice: Efficiency And Convenience

If you are new to our Lake Orion, MI practice, then we are pleased to introduce you to the fact that in addition to comprehensive dental care, we strive to offer care that actually works for your daily life. Some of you are very busy. Many of you are doing your best to create improved… Read more »

Fillings: Why They Make Smile Care So Easy!

When you think about a dental filling and requiring one, the very last thing you might think to yourself is that having to deal with a restorative treatment is easy. You may look at this type of care as an inconvenience. However, our Lake Orion, MI team happens to look at it in a very… Read more »

Smile Health: Guilt And Why It Doesn’t Help For Very Long  

You might let yourself really feel guilty for a while about something associated with your smile. Maybe your oral health could be better. Maybe you have a cavity. Maybe your smile is yellow and you know you could have avoided it. We understand that guilt can absolutely motivate you to do better next time (and… Read more »

Holistic Dental Care For Your Family

While when you hear about the fact that we offer holistic dental care for your family, you think that it sounds nice and reassuring, it doesn’t mean you know what it’s all about. As you take a bit of time to dig a little deeper to discover what we mean by holistic and in what… Read more »

What Is Holistic Dental Care?

At Lake Orion Family Dentistry, we want to provide our patients with a comfortable experience and dental care that improves oral health. As part of our approach we provide holistic dentistry. What is holistic dental care? How does this differ from more traditional approaches to dentistry?

Reasons Patients Like Metal-Free Dentistry

Does is seem like you hear an awful lot about how important it is to receive metal-free dentistry when you seek professional care for your smile? Do you know what this term means or do you simply assume it must be safe and effective? Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about why we offer this… Read more »

Metal-Free Dentistry: A Quiz

Have you ever wondered what it means to receive metal-free dentistry? Perhaps you look around your life and notice that metal makes an appearance in many different aspects of your daily experience – this may cause you to wonder why metal is frowned upon in dentistry and whether you need to avoid it. For a… Read more »