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When You Protect Your Gums, You Protect Your…

When you’re brushing your smile and flossing, you’re not only protect your teeth, though you may sometimes feel like that’s what you’re doing. You may even have a tendency to feel that your primary goal is keeping your dental tissue healthy, which can make it easy to accidentally overlook your gum health (and even underestimate… Read more »

Gingivitis: Prevent It, Know It, Treat It!

Gingivitis is the type of oral health issue that everyone has heard of, that many people assume isn’t really anything to worry about, but that can actually lead to surprisingly devastating consequences. The result? Our Lake Orion, MI team likes to feel certain we have done all that we can to help our patients feel… Read more »

Gum Disease: Assumptions That Can Lead To Problems

When you’re considering something you don’t know a whole lot about just yet, such as dealing with gum disease, you may think that the details you carry around in your brain will serve you well. Perhaps from things you’ve heard over the years, you’ve allowed a mix of facts and assumptions to become the belief… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Family Perio Health!

When you start thinking about your family’s perio health, you may find yourself overcome with a sudden rush of concern. Have you been overlooking something all of these years? Should you have been doing something quite specialized to keep the gum health of your family nice and safe? Nope. Not really. Not as long as… Read more »

Periodontal Solutions: It’s All About The Cleanings

If you’re worried periodontal disease is something that can affect you (or that has already begun to impact your oral health), we encourage you to take a deep breath, relax, and schedule a visit. As for what you can do, remember that your dental hygiene commitment is paramount. As for the treatments with our practice… Read more »

Periodontal Problems: 3 Important Facts

How much have you learned when it comes to preventing periodontal disease? Perhaps you don’t know very much because you are so focused on the health of your teeth and avoiding tooth decay. Good news: We are prepared to offer up some essential facts about gum inflammation and infection, so you are prepared to prevent… Read more »

An In-Depth Look at Deep Cleanings

Ideally, the only type of teeth cleaning you’ll ever need is the kind you receive at your regular, six-month checkups. However, if you don’t take care of your teeth or if you skip visiting the dentist for a few years, you may find yourself in need of a treatment called deep cleaning. Deep cleanings are… Read more »