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Sharing, Your Oral Health, And Being Mindful!

There’s something to be said for an individual who loves sharing just about everything! You certainly have a kind heart. However, when the topic of sharing and oral health comes up, well, you may need to reel in that “mine is yours” way of life for just a bit, so you can be certain you’re… Read more »

Don’t Be Deterred By These 3 Factors

Sometimes, it takes just one issue to completely deflate your sense of pride and motivation when it comes to your smile care. Our Lake Orion, MI team understands, of course, how you may find yourself stopped in your tracks when you felt you were doing such a good job with prevention. However, we also remind… Read more »

Dental Tips For The Task Oriented Patient

Are you someone who likes to maintain structure in your life because it makes everything more streamlined? Do you feel that this applies to your dental care, too? If you’re more task-oriented and you enjoy being able to check off accomplishments, review what you’ve done, and ensure you’re on track, then our Lake Orion, MI… Read more »

How’s Your 2019 Brushing Going?

As each brand new year approaches and then begins, everyone has such high hopes and big plans for themselves! When the focus is on dental care, one of the things you added to your list of resolutions may have been better brushing. However, here we are, well into spring, and the question remains: How has… Read more »

Smile Problems: Do You Prefer Treatment Or Serious Damage?

One of the most interesting things about smile problems is that in most cases, they come with very effective treatments that can stop the issue right away … but patients often avoid following through with receiving them. Unfortunately, our Lake Orion, MI team is aware that you may not always look at smile protection with… Read more »

What A Little Spring Cleaning Can Mean For Your Smile

You might look around your home, peek out through the window, and breathe a sigh of relief: Spring isn’t here quite yet, so you still have some time before you begin kicking up dust, sweeping it outdoors, boxing up the things you no longer use, decluttering, and making your way through a true spring cleaning!… Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Come See Us (At Least Twice A Year)

You know that it’s wise to schedule a preventive checkup and cleaning with us twice a year. You know that being in our Lake Orion, MI practice means that in some way, you’re being a good, dedicated patient and that it will probably pay off in regard to your oral health. However, you might not… Read more »