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Gift Wrapping Much? Consider Our Smile Tips!

When someone looks for you this week, do you direct them to just look for you under the massive pile of gift wrap, ribbon, bows, tape, and more that you have collected in your home? If you’re wrapping up a frenzy as the days until Christmas quickly wind down, then you know that there’s a… Read more »

Christmas Favorites: Healthy Or Hazardous?

As you may have guessed, most of the mouth-watering treats you dream about all year long that you feel overjoyed to consume during Christmastime are not necessarily healthy for your smile. While this doesn’t mean that you should toss them aside and instead, simply stick to those things that support oral health (though, if you… Read more »

What Our Comprehensive Care Can Mean To You

You might realize that most of the dental practices you visit are going to offer comprehensive care. That’s because most dentists want to ensure that you receive the main types of dental protection and improvement you require in order to maintain your oral health. However, that term, comprehensive, can be interpreted in many different ways…. Read more »

New Smiles Dreams For 2019

Do you have any smile dreams for yourself? If so, our Lake Orion, MI team reminds you that this happens to be a very wonderful time to actually plan on putting plans into motion to fulfill those dreams. The New Year will be here very soon! You can make any resolutions you wish! What are… Read more »

Your Healthy Smile: Things To Start Doing Immediately

When you want to have a very healthy smile and you know it’s attainable (and something you can easily keep up), you may ask yourself: Where to begin? Of course, you know that you should schedule a preventive care visit with us if it’s been a while, as that will guide you toward any next… Read more »

3 Steps For (Smile) Success On Thanksgiving!

Especially when you’re not the one preparing it, your Thanksgiving meal can be one truly delightful and relaxing experience. That is, assuming you keep a few things in mind in regard to your oral health! You want to dig in and savor every last bite but you most certainly don’t want to do so while… Read more »

Bedtime Goals: Did You Check Off Each Item On Your List?

There are lots and lots of oral health goals that you may consider throughout your day to day experience. However, one question about your prevention remains: How is your bedtime routine going? Do you have a checklist that you look over each night to ensure you’re doing all that you should for your smile? If… Read more »