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Smile Problems: Do You Prefer Treatment Or Serious Damage?

One of the most interesting things about smile problems is that in most cases, they come with very effective treatments that can stop the issue right away … but patients often avoid following through with receiving them. Unfortunately, our Lake Orion, MI team is aware that you may not always look at smile protection with… Read more »

What A Little Spring Cleaning Can Mean For Your Smile

You might look around your home, peek out through the window, and breathe a sigh of relief: Spring isn’t here quite yet, so you still have some time before you begin kicking up dust, sweeping it outdoors, boxing up the things you no longer use, decluttering, and making your way through a true spring cleaning!… Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Come See Us (At Least Twice A Year)

You know that it’s wise to schedule a preventive checkup and cleaning with us twice a year. You know that being in our Lake Orion, MI practice means that in some way, you’re being a good, dedicated patient and that it will probably pay off in regard to your oral health. However, you might not… Read more »

3 Serious Goals For Your Smile Care With Us

Your smile care is a multifaceted thing! You have to care for smile at home, which means you have some serious responsibility in terms of maintaining your healthy grin. Then, you also need to come in to see our Lake Orion, MI team. This is where some of that responsibility shifts over to our practices!… Read more »

Gift Wrapping Much? Consider Our Smile Tips!

When someone looks for you this week, do you direct them to just look for you under the massive pile of gift wrap, ribbon, bows, tape, and more that you have collected in your home? If you’re wrapping up a frenzy as the days until Christmas quickly wind down, then you know that there’s a… Read more »

Christmas Favorites: Healthy Or Hazardous?

As you may have guessed, most of the mouth-watering treats you dream about all year long that you feel overjoyed to consume during Christmastime are not necessarily healthy for your smile. While this doesn’t mean that you should toss them aside and instead, simply stick to those things that support oral health (though, if you… Read more »

What Our Comprehensive Care Can Mean To You

You might realize that most of the dental practices you visit are going to offer comprehensive care. That’s because most dentists want to ensure that you receive the main types of dental protection and improvement you require in order to maintain your oral health. However, that term, comprehensive, can be interpreted in many different ways…. Read more »