Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Chipped Tooth: Give Yourself What You Need

When you experience a chipped tooth, it can evoke tears, upset, panic, and even some feelings of hopelessness! We understand. It can certainly feel shocking. However, once you pull yourself together, our Lake Orion, MI team asserts that it is very important for you to follow through giving yourself what you need and we mean… Read more »

Your Smile: A Couple Things You Should Only Do If You Want To!

It can be very easy to get caught up in the “shoulds” of life. You hear that you should really do something about your smile, so it looks whiter. You hear you should really try out that new toothbrush because it might be better than what you’re using. However, when you think about it, you… Read more »

Make Your Holidays Brighter With Your Whiter Smile

One way to make your holidays much brighter is to deck your entire home out with twinkling lights, glitter, and tinsel! While this may certainly be a sight to behold, we think we have another way that will get you through the holidays and beyond, as you enjoy improved confidence and a sunnier disposition! If… Read more »

3 Steps Toward Making Your Smile Look So Much Better

If you stand in front of a reflective surface and smile and you instantly cringe because you are simply not happy with your smile these days, then your mind may immediately begin racing. It’s probably time to come in to see our Lake Orion, MI dental team, you realize, because something needs to be done…. Read more »

4 Things A Whiter Smile Will Do For You

Are you considering seeing our Lake Orion, MI team to talk about cosmetic care and how it can help you get the whiter smile you have been letting yourself dream of for some time now? Would some very clear benefits to making this decision help you follow through, schedule a consultation, and come in to… Read more »

Dental Care: Won’t My Tooth Feel And Look Funny?

There are common areas of concern that crop up from patients when it comes to dental care. One area that shows up a lot is whether something is going to hurt or feel A-OK. Another very common area of worry: What’s your smile going to look like afterwards? After a filling, after cosmetic care, etc.?… Read more »

When You Need Whitening (And You Need It Now)!

Sometimes, patients come in with a general question about whitening because it’s something they’ve sort of been thinking about for a while. However, there are also those moments in patients’ lives during which they really want teeth whitening, they’d really love it now, and all because there’s something just on the horizon that has put… Read more »