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Dental Initials That Can Benefit Your Smile

Initials seem to be popular these days.  From LOL to ILY, they are ways to write thing shorter and faster, if not always more clearly. If you have seen some dental initials floating around, you may wonder just what they mean. If you have questions during checkups and cleanings, our Lake Orion, MI dental team… Read more »

Treat Your Dental Emergency Faster with a Same-Day Crown

While dental emergencies can mean different things to different people at different times, they often involve some level of traumatic injury to your tooth. In all emergency situations, time is of the essence. That’s why we offer same-day dental crowns at our Lake Orion, MI, dental office – to restore compromised teeth as fast as… Read more »

Why See Us For A Pre-Holiday Crown?

Do you think that you may need a dental crown but you are doing your best to just block out the problem you’re having with your tooth from your thoughts? While we can certainly appreciate your belief that if you just ignore it, it won’t exist, we have to tell you: Your oral health doesn’t… Read more »

Times When Same Day Crowns Are The Best!

Yes, of course, everyone loves convenience, whether you’ve got a need to rush or not. However, there are those moments during which you’re incredibly pressed for time that you feel even more grateful that you can achieve the placement of a same day crown within just one visit. Let’s remind you of such instances, so… Read more »

Restorations: A Few Things To Commit To Memory

When we begin a discussion with you about fixing up your smile, you often hear us talking about providing you with restorations. The goal, of course, is to bring you from your current state of oral health (which includes damage) to an excellent state that’s free of damage. This means your tissues are all healthy… Read more »

Family Care: Convenience Is Our Priority!

We know that when you have a family, you don’t usually have extra time for the little things. Every minute is precious, which means when you’re looking for a dental team to call your own, you need one that will offer care to the entire family and you need to know you can receive what… Read more »

Concerns About One-Visit Crowns

You might find yourself thinking about one-visit crowns, wondering if they are really all that you’ve heard they can be for your smile. Sure, it’s wonderful that you can see our team for just one visit and go home with a crown but does that mean you can expect the usual from your crown? Will… Read more »